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April 11, 2006
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Fantastic by fantastic902 Fantastic by fantastic902
Pete Ross [link]
Max Rudberg [link]
Special thank you for giving permission to me

*22th,April - Included foobar button
(It is mistake in upload,sorry)


very thanks ~!

wallpaper and foobar fcs by hibar

tlb media control
by u2bonokim

by ggumi

Different font style by tomoko26


Addition :
u2bonokim made fantastic Firefox skin !! thanks ~!! [Link]
Jaziel made fantastic OB skin !! thanks a lot~! [Link]
sakuro4ka made fantastic opera skin,vlc skin.foobar pack !thanks :D[Link]
VInci1618 made fantastic for finder looca ~ ! very thanks~ [Limk]

1. the font that is used for screenshot is swiss 721 font. However, it isn’t free to use. Thus, I won’t take any requests of using the font.

2. This is something that I was worried about When I was releasing Fantastic vs.

I have told you before but I am the one who has the total right of this version.
I had the idea of this versiong and i used the base as milk3.1, so i had the permission of maker of milk3.1.
The problem was that i wasn’t thinking of releasing this version; thus, i was just using it by myself without
releasing it.

However, someone called Ultraman saw my screenshot and i accepted a request that permitting port Mac osx theme.
Then, Ultraman released the theme that he used based on my fantastic version themed on the Mac osx and more Non-Korean
people started to see this fantastic theme. In addition, Ultraman put my blog address and DA gallery address
as the original right. And Many people requested to release windows visual style and I worked hard cuz I am not good with
English and i earned the permission of the basetheme and this one was released.

I think though Ultraman displayed that I am the one with the right and the maker, many people wouldn’t know.
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thathafofaa Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010
any chance to make a version of it for ubuntu?
BlaztDesign Featured By Owner May 19, 2009
I'm using this one for more than 1 year :D

thanks alot
so far, this is still the best one!
Patofield Featured By Owner May 5, 2008
I like it !

//Btw how can I change the font into Verdana ?

cerium50 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2008
Nice one ;)
aisicat Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2008
hi, how do i get my taskbar look like that with all the text, tried to run this VS all worked fine but the task bar didn't look like the one displayed here :| would love to hear from u soon thanks
YalovaLee Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2008
Hi, very good gallery ;)
valexD Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2008
wow i really like this theme... can i use it in Vista?? Sadness
elangeldeldestino Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2008
PanchoWatkins Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2007
Wow without words, beautiful colors, I like the taste of the VS! Any chance to make Firefox skin? Thank you!
rastacore Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007
Thank you, but the foobar made by sakuro4ka isn't look like with the picture that you put in the zip. how can I do the same with the foobar?
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